Welcome to the Town of Shandaken, NY  website. We offer this site for your convenience to assist you in your visit to the Town or simply to inform you of the current activities of our little jewel here in the heart of the Catskill Park.

The Town of Shandaken is comprised of twelve hamlets; neighborhoods that are unique in geography, economies and offerings. We as a town hope to help preserve and promote these quaint hamlets, mostly nestled in the valleys throughout the Town. Most home and business owners are happy to tell you of the history of their building or the area. We have a rich history tied to American legends such as Babe Ruth, “Dutch” Schultz and others. Myths abound concerning everything from a Native American romantic tragedy to the first snowmobile to a secret stash of gold.

Mostly people enjoy the rich beauty and scenery of the area which has drawn artists from around the world and contributed to some notable movements in the arts. Some of the most picturesque scenes unfold before you if wish to climb Slide Mountain, the tallest Catskill Mountain, or take a short day hike to Giant Ledge, a perfect hike for the young ones. As nearly 75% of the Town is owned by New York State Forestlands we offer 53,897 acres of forest for your enjoyment. There are a multitude of recreational activities available for all ages from skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and cross country skiing in the winter to fishing, tubing, swimming, hiking, biking & canoeing in the summer.

Events abound in Shandaken throughout the year including the Artists’ Studio Tour, the Belleayre Music Concerts, the Rotary’s Quacker Race, Shandaken Day and the newly established Phoenicia Festival of the Voice. There is also our uniquely colorful autumnal season, a celebration of nature on its own terms.

Stop by and visit or stay for the rest of your life. We welcome you and your family to check our website for future updates and events. We’ve included pages here to direct or inform you of all that is current with the Town and some upcoming activities that you might want to know about. Thanks for visiting this site and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Warmest regards,

Robert A. Stanley

Supervisor, Town of Shandaken

Shandaken Town Hall – 7209 Rt. 28, Shandaken NY 12480

3.8 miles west of “the Eagle” on 28 Phoenicia



Town of Shandaken uses FACEBOOK as a venue for quick notifications & EMERGENCY Warnings as well as updates of local town events & happenings .. Click here to see:

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General Information – Happenings

Computer literacy in Shandaken is ready for the next level!

An 8 week course will be offered for those seeking to learn or improve their skills in Microsoft Word and Excel for everyday use. Register for only those sessions that interest you or the entire series. A fee of $10.00 per session will cover the cost of our excellent instructor.

When: Wednesdays, April 23 – June 11, 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Where: The Phoenicia Elementary School

Please open the link for details on the scope and sequence of topics.

 To register contact Joyce Grant at (845) 688-5004

Sponsored by Town of Shandaken, Phoenicia Rotary Club & Supported by Onteora Central School District

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Our thanks to Ulster Savings bank & the staff at the Phoenicia Branch for the donation to sponsor our Welcome Packets. All proceeds go to the Shandaken Food Pantry!

bank check

Look What We Found! Shandaken Mugs! We are selling these at Town Clerks office for $10 – proceeds will benefit the Shandaken Historical Museum. (Very Limited Supply)Also>> We have Shandaken Day T-Shirts. Just $10. Order or pick up at Town Clerk’s Office. 688-5004. We are open M-F 9-4pm.




If you do not have Digital TV or a Cable Box – you will no longer get Channel 23 thru Time Warner 

You will need the FREE Digital Adapter Box available thru Time Warner Call 331-1711 or Call 1-855-286-1736 & have them mail it to you.  

Our Fire Dept. Volunteers can install these digital adapter boxes for you- if you need help. 

Call the Town Clerk for more info: 688-5004

Customers using other devices such Digital TV with a QAM Tuner will find Public Access, after a new channel scan on Channel 20.2 & Educational Access on 20.4

Link to Digital Adapter Installation Instructions


July 16, 2013 – The Preliminary Flood Maps for the Town of Shandaken can be viewed through the Parcel Viewer available on the Ulster County website at the following link: http://gis.co.ulster.ny.us/

For ease of use follow these directions as the parcel viewer works best when focused on a concentrated area.
1) Click the link above
2) Click on all features on left side of screen except: “Civil Boundaries” and “Roads”
(This will help you get to your general area using the tools above the viewer.)
3) Click on “Tax Parcels” (This will help you focus on your property.)
4) Click on “Water Resources” and the “+” symbol
(This will provide a drop-down menu)
5) Click on “FEMA FIRM Areas 2013 Preliminary”
(This illustrates the preliminary 100 year flood plain.)
6) Click on “Aerial Photos” to illustrate the location of your structure in relation to the 100-yr flood plain.
7) You MAY Click “FEMA FIRM Areas Pre-2007″ to show the changes from previous mapping.
If you have any questions regarding FEMA Flood Mapping, do not hesitate to call the Town Building Department at 688-5008 *If you have trouble – try link below:

Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Links to Flood Maps


Phoenicia Water Notice >> Please Read Info letter  concerning the current proposed Loop and Replacement of the High Street Pump House. (Following the issuance of this letter the State extended the HMGP application deadline to July 5th, 2013).

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Kiosk Panels coming soon! Click below to view & submit any comments or suggestions to www.shandaken.us/contact

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Please read over the Town of Shandaken Flood Mitigation Plan

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Town of Shandaken Meetings are now Videocast on YouTube

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It is the responsibility of all property owners to clearly mark their address so that emergency responders can find you in case of an emergency.  Your “Fire Number” is the same as your address number. If you are not sure, check your property tax bill.  Address numbers should be posted over or near the main entrace or on a mailbox. Click below for more info:


Glenbrook Park Cell Tower is NOW ACTIVE

AT&T Service: All of Rt. 42 up to Westkill, Along Rt. 28 from Broadstreet Hollow to Big Indian.

Still waiting to hear from Verizon & other carriers

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DEC Letter to Business Owners – Black Bear Nuisance!

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Town of Shandaken – Town Hall Rt. 28

Now offers FREE Wi-Fi Hotspot – Use cell phone or connect to Internet!


If you have a Verizon Wi-Fi Network Extender at your home:

Please contact Shandaken Ambulance with this life saving information!

688-7188 – email: car78@shandakenambulance.org

We would like to compile a confidential list of locations where our paramedics can transmit cardiac info to receiving hospitals – while in transit with patients.  This can be done by momentarily stopping in front of the business or home and connecting to the extender from the cardiac monitor while still in the Ambulance.