STR Info

IF you are due for a renewal of your STR License – We will be emailing owners a few weeks in advance of  date when their FULL License was provided. The email will include a 1 page form to fill out & the web address of our new online payment page for you to pay your yearly fee. (e-check or Card). No inspections are required at this time.   STR Renewal Application


Updated May 3, 2023 – IF you found a NOTICE OF VIOLATION Poster on your property,

Please contact our STR Enforcement Officer as indicated on the Notice. 

Owners who are in Violation do not have a license to operate a Short Term Rental, and must rent their property for 30 days or more.  A license is not required if you rent for 30 days or more at a time. Your online listing must reflect this.

We have met our cap on absent owner STR’s. You can apply to be on our waiting list, and receive a license, when there is an opening. 

Read all the info below, including our Local Law #2 of 2022.  Contact the Town Clerk after you have filled out all the info on the application & completed it. (The only item on application list, we DON’T require when you apply – is the STR / Air BNB or Homesharing Insurance rider). But you will need that later when we process your license. 

Email Town Clerk –  After you have read all info & complete app.

Updated February 2023

Absent Owners – Our cap of 150 Short Term Rental Licenses has been met. We are not issuing anymore Absent Owner Licenses.

Owner/Resident Occupied – Owners who live on the property or another property in Shandaken FULL TIME & are present while STR is being rented. There is no cap on number of licenses we will issue to these owners.

*Homes purchased after June 9th, 2022, must wait 1 year before applying for a license.  Existing STR Licenses are non-transferable.

If you would like to be on the waiting list  for STR License. (After you have owned the house at least a year after 6/9/22):

A completed application must be submitted to the Town Clerk’s office. All items on checklist – page 2 of application – must be completed! The insurance proof is not required until you can actually activate your short term rental. See samples below of all paperwork needed! Application to be on wait list Must include this signed & notarized statement

Enacted 6/10/2022  Short Term Rental Law – Town of Shandaken < READ IT!

Short Term Rental License Application for Owner/Resident Occupied Or Absent Owner Waitlist

Ulster County REGISTRATION FORMApplication for Certificate of Authority – Mail application to THEM!

NEED COPY OF YOUR DEED? Email Assessor Office >

Samples of Property Map Hand Drawn Map- to show property boundaries & landmarks – to avoid trespassing, We do not want your survey, county or google map. It should be very clear to guests, where your property line ends.

Floor Plan to show bedrooms, windows & exits, Emergency Contact flyer & How to display your house number for guests/Emergency services. Inspection List

Safety Letter to All STR Owners – Please read!



Highlights of the New STR Law #2 of 2022

  • All Short term rentals (STR) in the Town of Shandaken must have a license to operate.
  • Owner or property manager must respond within 30 min. & be available  in person within 1 hour, to an emergency.
  • Proof of a one-year ownership of a property is required for an STR license. (Homes purchased after 6/9/22).
  • There is a cap of 150 on the number of Short Term Rental licenses issued to Non-Residents.
  • The structure will be inspected to ensure compliance with the Fire Prevention and Building Safety Code.
  • Owner shall provide the ability for guests to make Emergency telephone calls.
  • Your insurance must also show Landloard, STR, Homesharing, or Business Liabilty on your policy. We do not accept Airbnb insurance.
  • Abutting/Adjacent properties to the STR will be notified by certified mail, 30 day input period from neighbors before license is issued. *You will be billed by Town for each mailing @ $8.10 each
  • Address Number must be clearly visible from road for guests & emergency services.
  • Map of property for guests showing boundaries & landmarks of property to prevent trespassing. (No survey map or county map) Hand drawn is fine. *When guests go outside – there should be no doubt of where your property ends.
  • Garbage must be kept in wildlife resistant container or secured in sturdy  shed or garage at all times. (Guests should not be told to ‘take their garbage with them’).
  • Also required: Smoke Alarms, CO2 Detector, Fire Extinguishers (Kitchen & Exit Doors), Telephone.