STR Info

Updated May 3, 2023 – IF you found a NOTICE OF VIOLATION Poster on your property,

Please contact our STR Enforcement Officer as indicated on the Notice. 

Owners who are in Violation do not have a license to operate a Short Term Rental, and must rent their property for 30 days or more.  A license is not required if you rent for 30 days or more at a time. Your online listing must reflect this.

We have met our cap on absent owner STR’s. You can apply to be on our waiting list, and receive a license, when there is an opening. 

Read all the info below, including our Local Law #2 of 2022.  Contact the Town Clerk after you have filled out all the info on the application & completed it. (The only item on application list, we DON’T require when you apply – is the STR / Air BNB or Homesharing Insurance rider). But you will need that later when we process your license. 

Email Town Clerk –  After you have read all info & complete app.

Updated February 2023

Absent Owners – Our cap of 150 Short Term Rental Licenses has been met. We are not issuing anymore Absent Owner Licenses.

Owner/Resident Occupied – Owners who live on the property or another property in Shandaken FULL TIME & are present while STR is being rented. There is no cap on number of licenses we will issue to these owners.

*Homes purchased after June 9th, 2022, must wait 1 year before applying for a license.  Existing STR Licenses are non-transferable.

If you would like to be on the waiting list  for STR License. (After you have owned the house at least a year after 6/9/22):

A completed application must be submitted to the Town Clerk’s office. All items on checklist – page 2 of application – must be completed! The insurance proof is not required until you can actually activate your short term rental. See samples below of all paperwork needed!

Enacted 6/10/2022  Short Term Rental Law – Town of Shandaken < READ IT!

Short Term Rental License Application for Owner/Resident Occupied Or Absent Owner Waitlist

Ulster County REGISTRATION FORMApplication for Certificate of Authority – Mail application to THEM!

NEED COPY OF YOUR DEED? Email Assessor Office >

Samples of Property Map Hand Drawn Map- to show property boundaries & landmarks – to avoid trespassing, We do not want your survey, county or google map. It should be very clear to guests, where your property line ends.

Floor Plan to show bedrooms, windows & exits, Emergency Contact flyer & How to display your house number for guests/Emergency services. Inspection List

Safety Letter to All STR Owners – Please read!



Highlights of the New STR Law #2 of 2022

  • All Short term rentals (STR) in the Town of Shandaken must have a license to operate.
  • Owner or property manager must respond within 30 min. & be available  in person within 1 hour, to an emergency.
  • Proof of a one-year ownership of a property is required for an STR license. (Homes purchased after 6/9/22).
  • There is a cap of 150 on the number of Short Term Rental licenses issued to Non-Residents.
  • The structure will be inspected to ensure compliance with the Fire Prevention and Building Safety Code.
  • Owner shall provide the ability for guests to make Emergency telephone calls.
  • Your insurance must also show Landloard, STR, Homesharing, or Business Liabilty on your policy. We do not accept Airbnb insurance.
  • Abutting/Adjacent properties to the STR will be notified by certified mail, 30 day input period from neighbors before license is issued. *You will be billed by Town for each mailing @ $8.10 each
  • Address Number must be clearly visible from road for guests & emergency services.
  • Map of property for guests showing boundaries & landmarks of property to prevent trespassing. (No survey map or county map) Hand drawn is fine. *When guests go outside – there should be no doubt of where your property ends.
  • Garbage must be kept in wildlife resistant container or secured in sturdy  shed or garage at all times. (Guests should not be told to ‘take their garbage with them’).
  • Also required: Smoke Alarms, CO2 Detector, Fire Extinguishers (Kitchen & Exit Doors), Telephone.