Climate Smart

The Shandaken Town Board believes that climate change poses a real and increasing threat to our local and global environments, and is committed to building a climate-smart community.  This page documents our ongoing climate related actions, as well as actions you can take as a citizen. 

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Actions Taken

06/20/2016         Creation of Town Flood Maps

10/02/2016         Passed the Climate Smart Community Resolution

12/11/2018         Update to Town’s Flood Mitigation Plan

07/20/2020         Town Resolved to replace all town street lights with efficient LED lights

06/14/2021         Town received a Community Rating System Class 8 designation in the National Flood Insurance Program

03/07/2022         Conservation Advisory Council created and name as town’s Climate Smart Task Force Adopted Local Law #1-2022 Conservation Advisory Council

05/24/2022         Town project to convert all streetlights to efficient LED lights completed.

06/06/2022         Named a Climate Smart Community Coordinator

08/09/2022         Creation of Climate Smart Webpage to document our activities

12/19/2022          Completed Greenhouse Gas Inventory Summary Report 2022

6/5/2022               Town of Shandaken Climate Education and Engagement Strategy Guide

1/2/2024               Government Operations Climate Action Plan

1/5/2024              Food Waste Program Initiation

2/29/2024               Community Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

Get Involved

  • Attend Conservation Advisory Council Meetings, 3rd Monday @ 6:30
  • Submit climate/sustainability suggestions to:

Climate Resources

Adopted 3/7/22 –  Conservation Advisory Council Local Law #1-2022

Members appointed 4/4/2022 – Bethia Waterman (resident), Bruce Barry (resident), Robert Cruickshank (resident), Mary Herrmann (resident), Angel Molina (resident). Alternate Members: MJ Reiss (resident), Catherine Del Tufo (resident),  & Mike Cioffi. (resident) appointed 1/16/23 Caleb Frank (resident).

Ex-officio members: The Town Supervisor -Peter Disclafani, Town Board members Robert Drake – Kevin VanBlarcum – Elizabeth Kneissl – Kyle Steen, Chair of the Planning Board – Cliff Rabuffo, Chair of the ZBA – Mark Loete, Highway Superintendent – Eric Hofmeister, Building/ Zoning Department Head – Donna LeMoine.

Meetings are held 3rd Monday of the Month at 6:30 pm – 1 st meeting was 4/25/22  2023 Meeting Minutes