Description: Committees are volunteer members of the community that help the Town Board to arrive at decisions, work on improvements, investigate and begin new projects and/or plans. Yearly appointments. Meetings are open to the public.

Phoenicia Water Committee

Meetings held at Phoenicia Library

The Phoenicia Water Committee is working to strike a balance between a water tax and a usage fee. The filters and the chemicals for the filtration plant are expensive. Conservation and fixing leaks have lowered the usage.

Alfred Peavy – Chair
John Kilb
George Blank
Don Bucher
Mike Formont
Pine Hill Water Committee

Meetings held at Pine Hill Community Center

he Pine Hill Committee is working to upgrade the system. Pine Hill has a new reservoir and many new pipes. Looking to finish the system and upgrade sidewalks.

Michelle Wooton – Chair
Peter P. Di Modica
Marge Lloyd
Lowell Smith
Parks & Recreation Board

  – Chair – Samantha Awand Gortel

TBD – Parish Field –

Kathy Williams – Glenbrook Park – 12/31/22

Kevin VanBlarcum – Smith Park – 12/31/22

John Michelotti – Big Indian – 12/31/22

Shandaken Historical Museum

Marylou Stapleton, – Chair

William Andrews,  Ken Herdman, Rusty Moore.

Museum Director – Kathleen Myers