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Please note that the deadline for STAR Exemption is March 1st.  If this is your primary residence, you may qualify for an exemption.  Please call the Assessors office and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. 688-5003  NYS Property Owner  Info Page

Change of Address Form – for tax bills

Basic and Enhanced STAR Application Form – School Tax

Grace Grant

Assessor Chair
Began Term Jan 2022 – 4 year term

Assessor Clerk – Kayla Sharon

Office Hours: 10:00 – 3:00 Monday – Friday
Phone: (845) 688-5003
Fax: (845) 688-5708 or 688-2041

Assessor Staff


Steve Neville – Began Term 2022 (Filled Vacancy)

Dave Channon – Began Term 2015 (Four year Term, re-elected 2019)

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Ulster County Parcel Viewer
Vital Records

Ulster County 2014 Assessment Roll

Information from the NYS Office of Real Property Services

Assessors Job Description (ORPS)

Assessment vs. Taxes (ORPS)

About Real Property Taxes

The Assessor’s Office welcomes your real property inquiries. Assessment records are open to the public and may be inspected at the office during regular business hours. Any questions regarding a property may be directed to any staff member. Should one wish an appointment to meet with the Assessor, simply telephone the office at (845) 688-5003.

Description of responsibilities:

The main function of the Assessor’s Office is to estimate the value of real property within the town. This value is one component used in the computation of real property taxes. At present, the level of assessment is 23.9%.

The Assessment Calendar:

March 1st of each year is designated as taxable status date. Real property is assessed with respect to its condition on that date. Once assessments have been determined, it is the responsibility of the Assessor’s Office to publish the values by May 1st of each year in the tentative assessment roll. At that time, the public is invited to inspect the roll and check their assessment, as well as the accuracy of the inventory information on file.

Property owners who disagree with their assessments should schedule an appointment with the assessor to present new information. In the event that the property owner remains dissatisfied, he or she may download a grievance form and instructions. Grievance Day occurs each year on the fourth Tuesday in May. At that time, the property owner or representative may attend an informal hearing before the Shandaken Board of Assessment Review consisting of three local residents who are knowledgeable of the town’s real property. The decision of the Board is submitted to the property owner in writing. A further appeal of the Board’s decision may be made at a Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) hearing or a judicial review. The last day to file for small claims or judicial review is July 31, or thirty days after the filing of the final assessment roll. After final values are assigned, the assessor’s office completes and publishes the final assessment roll by July 1st.


Several property exemptions, both residential and commercial, are available to property owners. These are obtained by submitting an application to the assessor’s office. Exemptions may include, but are not limited to:

Volunteer Firefighter/Ambulance Personnel Exemption

Clergy Exemption

Disability Exemption

Disability Exemption Instructions

Senior Exemption

Senior Exemption Instructions

Forest Exemption

Cold War Veteran Exemption

Alternative Veteran Exemption

Veteran Exemption Instructions

Other Exemptions

The deadline for applying for exemption is March 1st of each year.

Important Dates:

Taxable Status Date: March 1

Valuation Date: July 1 of Previous Year

Tentative Roll: May 1
Grievance Day: Fourth Tuesday in May Final Roll: July 1