FEMA Assistance


Following Friday’s flood. We have been notified that there is a possibility of State or Federal FEMA assistance coming after an assessment of damages to roads, bridges and private property.

If you feel you have sustained serious damage to your property or home please call Building Inspector Gina Reilly @ (845) 688-5008. She can provide you with a “Business and Residential Damage Assessment Form” or simply click the link below.  This Form is returnable to the Shandaken Town Hall at the Zoning or Supervisor’s Office.

This form does not mean that you are guaranteed to receive FEMA funding. That will be decided by FEMA following a County and State Damage Assessment. The form will help us assess damages throughout the Town of Shandaken.

NOTE: Any FEMA funds made available are only made so after filing a claim under your Homeowner’s OR Flood Insurance. FEMA funds would be supplemental to those claims.

FEMA Damage Assessment Form 2010