November 23, 2011

1:00 pm

The Town Board met this date as per Notice in the official town newspaper with the following members present:  Supervisor Stanley, Councilman Bartlett, Bernstein, and Jordan, Councilman Malloy was absent.    Others present Town Clerk Frasier and Amie Goodrich, FEMA secretary.


Pledge of Allegiance to our flag

Roll Call



Please take Notice that the Town of Shandaken Town Board will hold a Special Town Board Meeting on Wednesday November 23rd at 1:00 PM.   The purpose of this meeting will be to approve bids for the Town of Shandaken Signs and to review and award monies for qualified businesses from the CWC funds.  This meeting will take place at the Town Hall, 7209 Route 28, Shandaken, New York.


Dated:  November 17, 2011                                       By Order of the Shandaken Town Board

Laurilyn J. Frasier, RMC/MMC

Shandaken Town Clerk


Motion By Supervisor Stanley to award bid for the Town Wide Signage, including, 2 large welcome signs, 6 small welcome signs, 1 large information sign, 5 small information signs and 1 large commons sign, be awarded to Kurt Boyer Design of Phoenicia, New York for the total bid price of $26,311, to be paid for from the Smart Growth grant, seconded by Councilman Jordan, all in favor, motion carried.


RESOLUTION  #142                       OFFERED BY Supervisor Stanley




WHEREAS, the Town of Shandaken entered into an agreement with the Catskill Watershed Corp. of Margaretville, NY to dispense much needed financial assistance to those businesses affected by Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee and


WHEREAS, the Town has recognized eligible businesses in previous resolutions and,


WHEREAS, the Town of Shandaken is to disperse a maximum of $331,000 to local businesses to assist in their recovery efforts, and


WHEREAS, the Town recognizes that the amount of funds will not meet all the businesses needs, and


WHEREAS, the Town of Shandaken needs to publicly acknowledge the businesses and the amounts to be paid to each,


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town of Shandaken Town Board recognizes the following businesses and awards to be dispersed in accordance with the list provided along with this resolution for a total amount of $330,958.00.




Seconded by:  Councilman Bartlett


ROLL CALL  3 Ayes 1 Absent 1 Recusal (Bernstein since his wife was applying for funds)



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Special Town Board Meeting

November 23, 2011

Business Name Hamlet Location Amount Awarded
Black Bear Builders Shandaken $9,800.00
Emerson Resorts Mt. Tremper $16,195.00
Oliverea Maple Oliverea $7,500.00
Copper Hood Inn Allaben $0.00
Ruth Gale Realty Phoenicia $20,000.00
Farmer Jones Barns Shandaken $20,000.00
Simpler Times Cabins Phoenicia $0.00
Anderson’s Cabins Phoenicia $8,400.00
Phoenicia Deli Phoenicia $5,000.00
Catskill Mtn. RR Phoenicia $0.00
Town Tinker Phoenicia $0.00
Phoenicia Wines & Liquors Phoenicia $18,250.00
Sleepy Hollow Campground Phoenicia $15,500.00
Black Bear Campground Phoenicia $23,431.00
Uncle Pete’s Campground Phoenicia $15,000.00
Cottages at Rockcut Ledge Mt. Tremper $25,000.00
Joan Bryant/Car Craft Bldg. Mt. Tremper $25,912.00
Brian Door Landscaping Mt. Tremper $5,000.00
Mama’s Boy Market Phoenicia $0.00
Phoenicia Pharmacy Phoenicia $5,000.00
Phoenicia Hardware Phoenicia $7,500.00
Beecher Smith Holdings Phoenicia $9,000.00
Phoenicia Supermarket Phoenicia $11,800.00
Debra-Jo Unisex Salon Phoenicia $6,800.00
H.Kilb & Sons Phoenicia $3,000.00
Sweet Sue’s Phoenicia $8,000.00
Ray Kirk Properties Phoenicia $6,970.00
Ace Works Mt. Tremper $5,000.00
Margaret Byron (P.O.) Mt. Tremper $16,900.00
Ricciardella’s Restaurant Phoenicia $12,000.00
Brio’s/Sportsmans Rest. Phoenicia $8,000.00
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Special Town Board Meeting

November 23, 2011

Jeff Collins Stone Yard Mt. Tremper $5,000.00
Danco Oliverea $1,000.00
Gugliemetti/Car Craft Mt. Tremper $7,500.00
Rita Scwabb Gallery Mt. Tremper $2,500.00
Cobblestone Motel Phoenicia $0.00
TOTAL LOSSES $330,958.00





Discussion on the above list and the whys and why knots,


Motion by Supervisor Stanley to hold  two Public Hearings on December 5, 2011one at 6:30 on the Catskill Mountains Scenic Byway Nomination and Corridor Management Plan and one at 6:50 on the Extension of the Upper Esopus Fish & Game Association Logging permit, seconded by Councilman Jordan, all in favor, motion carried.


We will also have to do a SEQRA on both the Catskill Mountains Scenic Byway and the Logging Permit.


Discussion on the Farm Stand Law, Pine Hill Sewer Extension and the Town Museum, these are all subjects that will be brought up in the New Year and acted on.


Motion by Supervisor Stanley to adjourn, seconded by Councilman Jordan, all in favor, motion carried.