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2:00pm-Sat., Sept. 10- State of Emergency continues. Work still progressing. Recovery of lost temporary roads continues as well as reclamation of other roadways. Debris is being removed from Bridge St. bridge and phone service should be restored to Rte. 28 businesses and residents from Phoenicia to Mt. Tremper by this afternoon.

The Emergency Command/Recovery Post will be relocating to Town Hall after tomorrow, Sept. 11. Town Board meeting is still slated for 7pm at Town Hall on Monday.

Volunteer efforts will again convene on Main St. Phoenicia @ 10 am Sunday.

Although we and our families have suffered through a devestating torrent of storms, please take a moment tommorrow to reflect on the families and victims of the September 11th attacks of ten years ago. We will never forget!

8:30am-Fri., Sept. 9 – State of Emergency continues. Work proceeds. Volunteers needed. Work on the Stony Clove will recommence on Monday. Highway restoration continues. Call the Zoning Office if you are planning any work that requires a permit. Building department will expedite any requests for necessary repair work following Hurricane Irene.

The Town and Phoenicia Rotary are calling for volunteers to meet at 10am Sat., Sept. 10 and Sunday, Sept. 11 to continue cleanup duties. If you would like to make donations for flood releif please make checks payable to: Phoenicia Rotary (Memo line: Flood Relief). Send donations to: Phoenicia Rotary, PO Box 660, Phoenicia, NY 12464. If you wish to volunteer please call Ken Jacobs, Rotary President @ 688-5944.

If you have furniture or items that have been damaged by the flood, outside of refrigerators, we ask that you place these items at the edge of your property closest to the road. NYC-DEP will be assisting us in the cleanup effort and providing service to remove these items coordianted with the CERT teams. Volunteers will meet on Main St., Phoenicia in front of Mama’s Boy Cafe @ 10 am, Sat & Sun.

Lastly, we are still planning on having our regularly scheduled Town Board meeting on Monday, Sept., 12 @ 7pm. Note that we don’t have  a formalized list of all the resolutions for Monday, but topics to be covered are: Emergency and response, Preliminary Budget, Advertising for bids for Town Signage, Amendments to the lease for Glenbrook Cell Tower. We will do our best to get a formalized list of the resolutions by Monday.

Additionally, while we continue efforts for recovery, please take a moment on Sunday, Sept., 11 to remember those lost to us ten years ago during the 9/11 attacks. We will never forget!

3:30pm-Thurs., Sept. 8- Waters Recede. State of Emergency continues. Belleayre shelter closing.  Waters receded after cresting at 11.8ft at the Cold Brook Gauge. Loacalized flooding was reported, but was minor. Runoffs did, again, damage some of the temporary fixes to stream channels and highway work. Weather should subside for a few days, but please be mindful of debris that may cause further diversions of stream waters.

The Town of Shandaken and Phoenicia Rotary are requesting all volunteers report to the CERT tent at 10 am on Saturday. We are trying to coordinate a Town-wide refuse/debris cleanup for the hardest hit areas still recovering from Hurricane Irene and susequent flooding. If you are in need of assistance, please call 688-7315 and we will place your name on the list.

Belleayre Mountain overnight shelter will be closing. Beds, hot meals and medical service will discontinue tomorrow morning. Clothing and food suppplies will still be available during the day. FEMA will also continue operation 8am-8pm seven days a week.

7:30am-Thurs., Sept. 8 – Officially at flood stage, again! State of Emergency continues. We are kkeping a close eye on all streams. Bands of heavy rain throughout the day could cause more flooding especially in areas of recovery with temporary infrastructure. Schools remain closed. If you recognize a potential thraet please call 688-7315. Shelter remains available at Belleayre Mtn. Please do not drive through pooling water as it may have hidden dangers. Try your best to avoid repetitively flooded areas like Plank Rd., High St., Station Rd., Oliverea Rd. and all Hollows through Oliverea. Be safe.

3:00pm-Wed., Sept. 7 – Waters Receding. State of Emergency continues. Tracking the Gauge at Cold Brook, Town Officials convened Emergency Command Staff at Operations Base in MF Whitney Hose Co. at 4am. Following rate of rise, Command Staff sounded alert at 6am for residents to voluntarily evacuate if waters were threatening their homes. We reached a peak flow at 7:30am reaching a height 3+ feet above flood stage. Waters have receded, but at a slow rate. We did lose temporary infrastructure on Oliverea Rd., McKenley Hollow, Little Peck Hollow with additional damage to Burnham Hollow. More rain is expected through the next few days. If you feel thraetened we suggest going to Belleayre Mtn. where shelter, nutritional food and clothing supplies are plentiful. We will continue to monitor the situation. Stream work will continue as soon as weather permits.

There is a call for volunteers to meet in Phoenicia, Main St. @ 10am on Saturday and Sunday to continue the effforts of the CERT team. This community intiative is being coordinated through the Town and Phoenicia Rotary. If you are in need of cleaning assisstance please call your local fire department and they will forward your information to the Phoenicia Rotary. If you wish to volunteer, stop by Mama’s Boy Cafe between 10am & 12pm. If you are in need of clothing, please visit the United Methodist Church, Church St., Phoenicia.

Please pay no heed to rumors of food shortages, dams breaking or contamination of municipal water supplies. If you have any questions, or are looking for information, please call 688-7315. Be safe. Be Mindful of each other. Please use common sense when considering moving to shelter. Emergency Command Post will continue from the MF Whitney Fire House through Friday at least.

Please pay no heed

1:00pm – Monday, Sept. 5 – State of Emergency continues. Flash Flood Warning for Tuesday night. Mt. Tremper Bridge (Rte. 28) is due to open shortly to two way traffic. Repairs have been made to the abutment and engineers are satisfied that it can resume two way traffic. Phoenicia Rotary is continuing its Civilian Response Team, if you need assistance please call 688-7315 or BIOFD 254-9962 for us to get you in touch with the proper personnel. A free outreach center with massage and chiropractic services is available daily in Phoenicia @ the Parish Hall 10am-1pm.

Road repairs continue and stream modifications are being coordinated throughout the Town. Contact Cornell Coop Extension @ 688-3047 if you need assistance with stream work on your property.

Again, Emergency shelter and supplies are available at Belleayre and your local fire houses.

3:00pm -Sunday, Sept. 4 – Town of Shandaken broadcast message. State of Emergency continues. At 2pm Shandaken Supervisor, Rob Stanley, broadcast a message on Town Community Station-Channel 23 including much of the information from previous posts and up to date concerns. This will play continuously while weatherthreats persist. Work will continue while weather permits, as most of highway personnel are also emergency responders and may be needed if situations develop. Below is the message read:

Sept. 4, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Following the devastating effects of Tropical Storm Irene the Town has had several failures of Infrastructure. We are still under a State of Emergency while recovery efforts continue. We have been able, at least temporarily, to restore most traffic infrastructure and power to most of the Town. Efforts are continuing, but may be suspended due to incoming weather. Our Emergency responders have been working tirelessly to assist anyone in any way. Know that your Fire House is your local access point for information and supplies. Belleayre Mountain is, and will continue to be, available as an emergency shelter as well as a supply center. If you feel that you or your home may be in jeopardy, we advise that you utilize their facility. It is better to err on the side of caution.

Know that emergency inspections of structures are continuing. If your home has a certificate on it with either “Restricted Use” or “Unsafe” listed, please take notice of the reasons and call our zoning officer, 688-5008, for assistance in how to address your situation. We are not evicting anyone from their homes, just advising them of threats to their structure that should be addressed. If you are planning a repair, please call the zoning office to get the needed permit. Also note that FEMA officials are located at Belleayre Mountain’s lower lodge from 8am-8pm seven days a week to assist you in the processes and funding assistance. We ask that you work with those officials before proceeding with any repair plans to ensure your availability to possible funding.

Know that we are at this time coordinating simultaneous efforts to restore roads and streams. We have large equipment located in the Stony Clove Creek in Phoenicia and ask that locals not travel Rte. 214 from Main St. to Tremper Ave. please detour to through Church and Romer Streets so we can expedite necessary work. Work will continue as weather permits. We do have concerns about incoming weather as several dikes have been breached on Rte. 42, at the Town Hall, Plank Road and Rte. 212. The Winnisook Dam HAS NOT been breached. There is erosion damage and we have been able, with the assistance of the Winnisook Association, to lower the level of the lake as a precautionary measure. There is no imminent threat of collapse, but at this juncture, we all feel it is best to, again, err on the side of caution. We have only been able to TEMPORARILY repair some roads and the stream channel has changed in several locations. These roads and stream channel changes may create flooding situations where none existed before. Again, we are doing our best to address these situations, but we are also still trying to get to people that are still unable to use vehicular access to their properties where we are providing supplies on foot.

Lastly, I, the Rest of the Town Board and all the emergency crews that have responded are there to assist you in any capacity we can. This was not a localized event for our community this event has devastated the entirety of the Town of Shandaken. The destruction entails a sixteen mile swath from Oliverea through Mt. Tremper, only the hamlet of Highmount of our twelve hamlets was fairly unscathed.  If you, or someone you know, in the Town of Shandaken needs assistance, we have a civilian response team that has been coordinated by the Phoenicia Rotary, to help clean out your home and property. We have everything you may need and if we don’t, we will get it to you as soon as we possibly can. The Phone Number for Information is (845) 688- 7315. That is also our Emergency Command Center if someone has an emergency that needs addressed. Know that as much as we have been physically torn apart, we are not spiritually broken. We’ve had tough times before and this community has responded as it has in the past. Before any other political entities were involved we had people on the ground here assisting each other throughout the Town. There will be a time and place to illustrate the efforts that have been put forth and we do appreciate the assistance that has arrived, no matter the timing. Please know that there are still people without power or access to this broadcast, please get the word to them. This is the time where there are no strangers, check on your neighbor, see if they need supplies. I know we have many proud citizens out there and many that will need these supplies, please take advantage of these while we have this help. I cannot stress enough that you get to Belleayre if you feel threatened by approaching weather or to take advantage of FEMA officials while they are housed in our municipality. Donations may be arranged through Belleayre Mountain, the Phoenicia Rotary or the Phoenicia United Methodist church. The Zen Monastery in Mt. Tremper is also available for Shelter and meals. We are not through this yet and don’t anticipate it ending in the immediate future while these threats continue. Please be safe, please look after each other and continue the good efforts that we’ve given thus far.

Robert A. Stanley, Supervisor-Town of Shandaken

 10:45am- Saturday, Sept. 3- The Town of Shandaken State of Emergency continues. At this time communications are improving, but concerns are focusing on incoming storms. Emergency Command Post will stay in place at the MF Whitney Fire House in Phoenicia through the weekend. PLEASE READ PREVIOUS POSTS FOR INFO.

We are currently working on providing cellular communications in the Hamlet of Phoenicia and trying to acquire service for the BIg Indian area, no promises, but pressuring officials to assist us in this effort. We have concerns that on coming storm activity has the possibility of reversing all forward progress of utility and transportation networks. Concerns are that the stream has adjusted course and our preliminary focus has been restoration of transportion to allow access to the entire town. Stream restoration has begun in areas, but there are areas we may not reach before the storms. Again, be advised to go to Belleayre if you have the slightest concern about flooding. Shuttle service is available.

Civilian teams are working tirelessly to help residence with cleaning and other duties. If you or someone you know needs assistance, please stop by the CERT HQ on Main St. Phoenicia or the Emergency Command Post in the Phoenicia Firehouse.

FEMA available at Belleayre 8am-8pm seven days a week. Structural Inspection information is below.

Information on power restoration can be found at:

If your home is one that has been inspected and you have a certificate taped to your house, below are the definitions of what has been deemed by State and local inspectors. Code Officer can be reached at 688-5008 foranswers to questions. Please leave a message and we will answer as soon as we can, inspections are continuing.

INSPECTED – The structure has been inspeted and no apparent structural hazard has been found.

RESTRICED ACCESS – The structure has been inspected and found to be damaged.Entry,occupancy and lawful use are restricted as determined by the Code Enforcement Officer.

UNSAFE – The structure has been inspected and found to be seriously damaged and unsafe to occupy.

Click the link to see the status of your home, if inspected:

Hurricane Irene Inspection Results

7:00pm – Friday, Sept. 2 – The Town of Shandaken continues under State of Emergency!! Weather Threats Forming! As of this posting the Town has reclaimed more roads in the Oliverea Valley and throughout the Town. We are working to try and restore streams that have changed channels or overrun their embankments. Power has been restored to portions of Phoenicia and work crews are working to restore power to remaining areas throughout the weekend. Command Post will remain at the Phoenicia Fire House (845) 688-7315.

Civilian response teams will meet again at Mama’s Boy on Main St., Phoenicia @ 9am Sat., Sept. 4. We have shovels, brooms, hardhats and gloves to all volunteers. Phoenicia Rotary will continue to coordinate the efforts.

We are requesting that travel be limited throughout the area as crews continue recovery efforts.

BE AWARE! Thunderstorms are threatening our area. Predictions call for 2-3 inches of rain possible, but localized storms may be heavier. We are recommending that if you feel your home may be in jeapordy if a flood was to develop, please evauate to Belleayre by Sunday Noon. Shuttle busses continue to run from 9am thru 6pm on a continuous loop from Mt. Tremper through Main St., Phoenicia and down Rte. 28 to Belleayre Mtn. Shelter. Food, Lmtd. Laundry and Showers are available. Also Zen Mountain Monastery, Mt. Tremper is offering meals @ 7am, 12pm & 6pm to residnets effected by the storm along with shelter and showers.

If you live, or know of someone who lives in a flood prone/effected area please advise that they take advantage of shelter. We have concerns that we may not be able to rectify stream courses before any rain event and we cannot predict where waters may go following the last event and compromises of the embankment throughout the Esopus Corridor or its tributaries. Temporary roads may be effected.

FEMA Officials are available at the Lower Lodge of Belleayre Mtn. from 8am-8pm seven days a week to answer and address any questions you may have. Please take advantage of their presence here. Again, Shuttle service is available to those without transportation or go to or call 1-800-462-7585.


 3:00pm – Thurs., Sept. 1 – The Town of SHandaken continues to be under a State of Emergency! Town, County and State officials are working diligently to restore power and services to the entire Town. NYSEG crews have restored power from Pine Hill to the Hamlet of Shandaken on Rte. 42 & 28. They are working to swing lines over the washout near the “portal” (Schoharie Tunnel). We are cautious of power restoration as lines are energized and power may be ON in several houses that have suffered damage and we have to beware of possible structural fires developing in these homes.

Highway crews are coordinating efforts in the Oliverea Valley where several bridges are out and we are still only able to access some homes on foot. Fire and Police patrols have done door to door checks. No fatalities reported. Medical, Food and water supplies are being provided through local Fire Departments. Dry Ice is also available at the Phoenicia, Shandaken-Allaben and Big Indian/Oliverea Fire Houses. Clothing and dry goods are available through the United Methodist Church on Church St., Phoenicia. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9am-2pm. Clothing donations are being accepted there as well at those times.

Belleayre is still available as emergency shelter and free shuttle bus has been arranged running a continuous loop from the Phoenicia Senior Center, Main St.-Phoenicia to Belleayre on a “flag down” service along Rt. 28 from 9am to 6pm daily until power is restored throughout the Town.

State inspectors are doing a physical door to door assessment of homes throughout the town. They hope to be complete by this evening. If you have suffered damage or if your home has been deemed “Unsafe” or “Restricted Access” please call your insurance company and notify them of your situation. They will have to assess damage and respond in order for FEMA officials to assist you! FEMA is in Town and has set up a disaster response center at Belleayre’s Discovery Lodge (Lower). We are trying to coordinate informational meetings at each of the Fire Houses.

If you know of  a neighbor that may not have access to this information as they are without power, cable or internet, please send word to them. The Town, with coordination of the Phoenicia Rotary, is establishing a Civilian Emergency Response Team (CERT). W e are looking for able bodied people to assist others in our community to salvage what they can. If you have them, bring Shovels, Work Gloves, brooms, dust masks and other general cleaning items. We will do our best to provide some of these materials. CERT meeting will take place at 12 noon on Friday, Sept. 2 in front of Mama’s Boy Cafe on Main St., Phoenicia.

Stream Restoration and Highway Restoration will continue until the Town feels we have addressed these satisfactorily. These include previously identified threat areas that proved to be troublesome during this event.

State Officails have stated that the Forest Preserve and Campgrounds in Shandaken will remain closed until infrastructure can be restored.


7:00AM-Tuesday, August 30 – The Town of Shandaken advises against travel to the Town. Numerous roads remain closed. We are working diligently with all departments to reclaim many of these roads. No loss of life has been reported. Mt. Tremper bridge on Rte. 28 has been reopened. We are working on Plank Road in Phoenicia, Fox Hollow in Shandaken and Oliverea Rd. in Big Indian/Oliverea. We have had ATV contact with folks along Oliverea Rd/ Burnham Hollow/Little Peck Hollow/McKinley Hollow/Deer Lane. All are safe and medical supplies have been delivered. Special thanks to the owners of the Full Moon Resort who have invited residents trapped in that valley to come to their establishment where they have generators, food and other supplies. Frost Valley YMCA has been cut off from access through Denning. They are working toward Big Indian as we proceed up toward them. They, too are OK and have generators and supplies. It may be another day or two before we can get vehicular traffic out of the area. We will do our best to keep everyone updated as best we can because we have no power, phone or internet service available throughout Town. I am updating from Belleayre Mountain (254-5600) where emergency shelter has been established along with food supplies. We are hoping to gain better access to Fox Hollow where the Esopus has changed course and now is flowing through lower Fox Hollow. Phoenica cleanup is progressing, while we await the reestablishment of power. Water service in Phoenicia is still working. Emergency command center has been established at the M.F. Whitney Fire Company in Phoenicia.  688-7315. We are working to obtain more supplies including dry ice for distribution. If you need food please stop by the local fire departments. We ask that you limit travel in Town so as to expedite emergency vehicular traffic. Will update as soon as possible.



7:15am – Sun., Aug. 28 – ROAD CLOSINGS! The following roads are closed or closing: Plank Rd., Main St., High St., Station Rd., Woodland Valley Rd.-Phoenicia; Rte. 214-Chichester; Fox Hollow Rd., Shandaken; Oliverea Rd., Deer Ln., McKenley Hollow, Lost Clove Rd., Lasher Rd. – Big Indian. Please be advised not to drive through water on roads. Waters contain hidden dangers. If you need assistance please call Town Hall at 688-7165.

6:30am – Sun., Aug. 28 – Phoenicia Main Street Closing!! The Town of Shandaken has asked that all Main Street businesses remain closed throughout the day. Waters are not yet threatening to breach, but we anticipate rapid rise though out the day. Emergency Personnel will be advising all residents of Main Street and other flood prone areas to leave for emergency shelters. Plank Rd. – Phoenicia and Oliverea Rd. – Big Indian/Oliverea are both closed at this time.

6:00am – Sun., Aug. 28 – STATE OF EMERGENCY DECLARED! Town of Shandaken is under severe threat from Hurricane Irene. Water levels are rising rapidly due to saturated soils. The Esopus Creek Gauge at Cold Brook has reached flood stage and will continue to rise. Please be advised that emergency crews will be visiting all flood prone areas and asking that they seek shelter to higher ground. Belleayre Mountain (Upper) Overlook lodge is available to all.

5:00am – Sun., Aug. 28 – Rains have developed overnight, as expected. No flooding reported, yet. Anticipate rains to continue throughout the day with high winds developing. Police, Fire and Ambulance crews are on duty to warn of threats and assist those in need. If you believe you are in danger, please leave your home. The Town Hall on Rte. 28 is open and available for assistance, or call 688-7165. Heaviest flooding expected between 12 and 6pm today.

6:30am – Sat., Aug 27 – Belleayre Mountain open as emergency shelter. The upper lodge (Overlook) facility will be opened starting at 8pm tonight as an emergency shelter for those needing to leave their homes. Know that modeling is still showing an overcast day today with passing showers coming this evening. Hurricane Irene is due early Sunday morning and lasting throughout most of the day. If you live in a flood prone area, be advised. 10-12 inches of rain and flooding are expected. Please make sure you check on neighbors who may not have access to electronic updates. Most emergency staff will be located on Parish Field for Shandaken Day and will keep a close watch as the storm progresses toward us. More Updates will follow.

1pm – Fri., Aug. 26- Recognizing the threat from Hurricane Irene, the Town of Shandaken asks that all residents and visitors prepare for the worst. Right now modeling shows overcast skies for Saturday, thus our Shandaken Day event is still scheduled for Saturday. Rain will be developing over night with the Hurricane to strike between 8am and 8pm on Sunday the 28th. This storm carries the very real possibility of 10-12 inches of rain with 80-100 mph winds and gusts. The Town recommends purchasing supply items such as water, food, batteries and candles. You should have on hand at least a few days worth of supplies in case of the very worst. Please make all your neighbors aware, as some may not have internet access. We will do our best to update you through this website and Town of Shandaken Facebook page as things develop.



Following the tragic loss of P.F.C. Douglas Cordo in service to our country while in Afghanistan all municipal flags will be flown at half-staff throughout the week, also this year’s Shandaken Day will be dedicated to his memory with a special Dedication Ceremony in his honor at 10am this Saturday, August 27th at the Opening of the event.


The month of August brings us warm summer sun and warm summer fun here in the Heart of the Park.

Click the link below to download the map and list of all of our wonderful vendors:

Shandaken Day- Vendor List and Map ’11

SHANDAKEN DAYThe EIGHTH ANNUAL Shandaken Day event is planned for Saturday, August 27th, 2011 in the Parish Field Park, Ava Maria Drive in Phoenicia. This year we are celebrating the Hamlets of Chichester, Phoenicia and Woodland Valley. We will explore the history and lore of these beloved Hamlets as well as enjoy an afternoon of live music, kids games and the 3rd Annual Shandaken Cup Tug-O-War between our illustrious Emergency Services Departments.We will be honoring several notable community members and finish off with Earl Pardini’s Slide Mtn. String Band. The event takes place from 10am-6pm and is free and open to all. For more information please click Shandaken Day from the Recreation Tab at the Top of this page. Check the Shandaken Day Page for info on Vendors, T-shirt order forms and to see the latest info. Also check the special ad rates for the Freeman Insert due out August 18th, 2011.



The 2011 Phoenicia Rotary Annual Raffle- $10,000 in Prizes !

Friday, September 9, 2011 – 7:00 PM  to  11:00 PM

$125 Per Ticket – Only 220 Tickets To Be Sold

Ticket price includes Dinner for Two – Open Bar – Music & Dancing

PURCHASE BY 8/15/2011 for a chance to win an ADDITIONAL TICKET !Drawing to be held at Paul’s Pavilion at Al’s Restaurant

Last Ticket Drawn wins $5,000 !

The Next to Last Ticket Drawn wins $2,000. The Two Tickets before that each win $1,000. The Two Tickets before that each win $500

You may purchase your 2011 Tickets from any member of the Phoenicia Rotary Club, or from Al’s Restaurant.  –  But remember, if you purchase before 8/15 you will be entered into an extra drawing to win an additional ticket.  Extra Ticket drawing to be held on 8/18 at a regular Rotary meeting, from among tickets sold by 8/15 – winners will be notified by mail or telephone, so be sure to put your contact info on your ticket stub. To purchase tickets or for additional info about the big raffle night, please contact 688-5944 or e-mail to


Phoenicia selected as the 6th “Coolest Small Town in America”

Congratulations, Phoenicia!! Over the past few weeks Budget Travel Magazine has conducted a vote on “America’s Coolest Small Town.” Our very own Hamlet of Phoenicia was nominated and at the end of voting on February 11th, had secured sixth place with an unofficial tally of 15,451 votes.

Out of twenty nominees Lewisburg, West Virginia finished first with 139,118 with a population of 3,497, whereas Phoenicia’s population is listed as 388. The rest of the Top five were: Astoria, Ore. (127,837); Clayton, NY (25,337); Eureka Springs, Ark. (19,377); La Pointe, Wisc. (17,431) and we just eked out ahead of 7th place Newtown Borough, Pa. (15,082).

Special Thanks go to Maxanne Resnick and the committee of diligent emailers. They continued up until the very last day making sure that people went online and voted for this unique honor.The final week’s push moved us from 7th to 6th place. Great Job!

Phoenicia School students have offered their artwork to local businesses commemorating the vote. If you are interested in showing some of their work please contact the Phoenicia Elementary School Principal, Linda Sella (688-5580) for more details.

Look for more events and activities surrounding this wonderful accomplishment.


Ashokan Watershed Stream Management

– the link is:


The Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program is seeking public input for stream access improvements in the Ashokan Watershed – the link is:


Click the Link below for update on Stream Levels at the Cold Brook Station in Boiceville:

USGS Cold Brook Guage


Beautification Committees

As the warmer weather approaches efforts have begun throughout the Town of Shandaken to enhance and beautify our hamlet areas. There are several groups of volunteers working toward this effort in their respective hamlet areas. If you are interested in supporting one of these groups by either volunteering time or making a donation, please contact the Town Hall at (845) 688-7165.