Roscoe – 4 yrs. old American Staffordshire

Roscoe is a very strong, playful and smart dog.  He has a big confident personality and loves to play and play and play!  Running around and getting you to chase him is a favorite part time for Roscoe.  Catch and Fetch and Hide & Seek are just a few of the games our volunteers play with Roscoe.

He is brindled with the markings of an exotic tiger mix.  His shiny coat is truly one of the most beautiful we have seen.

Roscoe needs a strong and confident owner with a yard to run in and playmates nearby.  He needs to learn to trust you but this is done easily and quickly.  Just ignore him and he is your best friend.  He understands who is top dog and will make a most loyal companion!

Let one of our volunteers show you his sweet and gentle nature out of the pen.  Roscoe is ready for adoption today and ready to be a cherished member of the family.

Call us for more info: 845- 688-5004