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STR Updates –  Short Term Rental Law Enacted 6/10/2022

If you are a non-resident & are  presently operating an STR in the Town of Shandaken, please be advised – our new law Caps the total of Non Resident Short Term rentals to 150. As of August 8th, 2022 – we have processed 108 Absentee Owners/Non-resident STR Applications.

  • Procedure of Licensing:

  • Read the Short Term Rental Law

  • Print out ApplicationUse the Checklist to gather all you need, See samples & read ‘highlights’ below of requirements.

  • Check all totals,  include full payment (app fee & license fee) by check or credit card info, we do not accept Amex.

  • YES – It needs to be mailed in. Be sure to read & Sign in front of a NOTARY.

  • If all is correct, your app is processed. You will be issued a Provision license (Good for 4 months), and sent other info paperwork for your rental.

  • Your neighbors will be notified by certified mail & have 30 day input period to address any issues (that pertain to our law).

  • After 30 day Input Period – Our Inspector will call you to schedule a visit, if all goes well – you will be issued a 1 yr license to operate – annual fee is paid following yr from that date of license.

Please read info & samples below – before filling out application at bottom of page!

All correctly completed license applications will be processed in the order in which they are received. Any incorrect or incomplete STR applications will be returned to the applicant and a new application will have to be resubmitted and the non-refundable $150.00 application fee will cover one corrected application.
If a property owner does not apply for a STR license within 90 days of the effective day of the law, 6/10/22, the property owner will be sent a violation letter.

Enacted 6/10/2022  Short Term Rental Law – Town of Shandaken < READ IT!

  • Ulster County Certificate of Authority is needed to acquire an STR License. see below

Ulster County REGISTRATION FORM – Application for Certificate of Authority – Mail application to THEM!

NEED COPY OF YOUR DEED? Email Assessor Office >

Easy – Free Online Floor Plan Creator Website

Samples of Property Map – to show property boundaries & landmarks – to avoid trespassing, Floor Plan to show bedrooms, windows & exits, Emergency Contact flyer & How to display your house number for guests & Emergency services.


The GOOD NEIGHBOR Flyer will be provided to each licensee to post at their STR. Printed on synthetic paper.

Highlights of the New STR Law #2 of 2022

  • All Short term rentals (STR) in the Town of Shandaken must have a license to operate.
  • Owner or property manager must respond within 30 min. & be available  in person within 1 hour, to an emergency.
  • Proof of a one-year ownership of a property is required for an STR license. (Homes purchased after 6/9/22).
  • There is a cap of 150 on the number of Short Term Rental licenses issued to Non-Residents.
  • The structure will be inspected to ensure compliance with the Fire Prevention and Building Safety Code.
  • Owner shall provide the ability for guests to make Emergency telephone calls.
  • Your insurance must also show Landloard, STR, Homesharing, or Business Liabilty on your policy. We do not accept Airbnb insurance.
  • Abutting/Adjacent properties to the STR will be notified by certified mail, 30 day input period from neighbors before license is issued. *You will be billed by Town for each mailing @ $7.82 each
  • Address Number must be clearly visible from road for guests & emergency services.
  • Map of property for guests showing boundaries & landmarks of property to prevent trespassing. (No survey map or county map) Hand drawn is fine. *When guests go outside – there should be no doubt of where your property ends.
  • Garbage must be kept in wildlife resistant container or secured in sturdy  shed or garage at all times. (Guests should not be told to ‘take their garbage with them’).
  • Short Term Rental License Application

  • STR owners must apply for License within 90 days of when law goes into effect (6/10/22), or they will be in Violation of  Shandaken Local Law #2-2022.

Fee Schedule

Good Neighbor Flyer

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