Phoenicia – Filming for “Werewolves Within” week of February 24th through February 28th.


The general plan is to film on Main Street during the day on Monday the 24th (5AM – 7PM), then we will be doing our overnight scenes Tuesday the 25th through Friday the 28th, where we will be filming after dark each day.

 They have worked with the Town and NYSEG to turn off 17 streetlights for these 4 nights. We would want them off for Tuesday the 25th and then back on Saturday the 29th.

 For all five days, with assistance from Police Chief Storey, there will be intermittent traffic control on Main Street (the night shoots will require either diversions or longer traffic control).  We will always maintain an emergency lane on Main Street and we will not interfere with any bus routes.

 They have been speaking with the businesses on and off Main Street about utilizing their parking lots and/or dressing them to be in the film and have worked out individual agreements with each of them.

 Crew has requested ability to control parking on Main Street on these days, between Route 214 and Bridge Street.

 The pyrotechnic work has been greatly reduced.  There will be some fire effects in the Phoenicia Belle and on Main Street, but nothing large.  They have discussed this with Phoenicia Fire Chief Byron.

 Lastly, the producers were looking to have 3 large lifts to use on these nights to light the downtown area.”

 That was the last I heard from them unless either Chad or Teddy have anything more. They had discussed going into the first week of March, but that may just be a “weather permitting” situation.