Building Inspector / Zoning and Code Enforcement


Warren Tutt  – Building Inspector/Zoning Enforcement Officer   email:
Office Hours:  Monday thru Thursday 9am-3pm, Friday by Appointment.

Please call ahead to schedule inspections

Applications may be retrieved at the building and zoning office at the Town Hall between the hours of 9am to 3pm

Phone: (845) 688-5008
Fax: (845) 688-9863

Database of Town of Shandaken’s Zoning Codes

ECODETown of Shandaken Laws

Zoning, Building, Sign, Fence and Wood Stove Instructions and Permit Applications

Permit fees may be paid by Check, Cash or Credit/Debit Card


Alarm Permit Application

Download & print or call Building Dept. for  forms 845-688-5008

Building Permit  (Includes Mobile Home/Fence/Sign/Alt.Heat, Roof)— Instructions & Application

ZONING Permit Application

Operating Permit Application


Site Plan Special Permit  —  Short Environmental Assessment Form

Representative/Agent Authorization Form

Demolition Permit InstructionsApplication

Floodplain Development Permit Application – NEW 10/2017

Logging Permit –  SEAF FormTimber Harvesting Town Code

Lot Line Adjustments Instruction – Application

Subdivision InstructionApplication

Proof of Workman’s Compensation Required for Building Permit — INFOExemption Affidavit (if applicable)

Flood Plain Application – If your house is located in the Flood Zone (which will be confirmed by the Bldg. Dept.) this application must be completed (and add’l fee paid) in addition to the Bldg Permit Application

Area or Use Variance – Instructions & Application

Citizen’s Complaint Form

Plans, Agreements, and Local laws

Town of Shandaken Comprehensive Plan

Final Plan 2005 – Appendix
Final Plan 2005 – I Intro & History
Final Plan 2005 – II – Existing
Final Plan 2005 – III – Future
Final Plan 2005 – IV Implementation
Final Plan 2005 – V Next Steps

Zoning Maps (Downloadable -PDF Formatted)

Town of Shandaken Zoning Map

Hamlets Zoning Map

Local Law #4 – 2005 Shandaken Sewer Use Law

Local Law #1 – 2006 Building Inspector and Permits (Amended)

Local Law # 1 – 2008  Administration and Enforcement of the NYS Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code

Local Law #2 -2008 Telecommunication Law (Amended)

Local Law #3 – 2008 Debris Removal Law

Local Law #4 – 2008 Fences Law (Amended)

Local Law #1 – 2010 Planning Board Bylaws (Amended)

Local Law #2 – 2010 Control of Dogs and Licensing (Amended)

Local Law #1 – 2011 Parks and Recreation Board Established

Local Law #1- 2012 Pine Hill Sewer Use Law

Local Law #2 – 2012 Roadside (Farm Produce) Stand Law (Amended)