Flood Mitigation Plan

Flood Mitigation Plan Post

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11/18/17 Shandaken-Allaben FINAL LFA  Meeting Part 1 of 3

11/18/17 Shandaken-Allaben FINAL LFA  Meeting Part 2 of 3

11/18/17 Shandaken-Allaben FINAL LFA  Meeting Part 3 of 3

11/2017  FINAL Draft of the LFA Report.

12/20/16 Shandaken – Allaben LFA Meeting Part 1 of 2

12/20/16 Shandaken – Allaben LFA Meeting Part 2 of 2


Pursuant to Resolution 135-16, dated 9/12/16, The Shandaken Town Board has scheduled a Public Hearing
for Adoption of Flood Ordinances, Maps and Insurance Study Provided By FEMA.,
to be held on Tuesday, September 27th, 2016 at 6:30 pm to hear all those in favor of and against said adoption of the FIRMs and Accessory Items. By Order of Shaandaken Town Board.

TOS Flood Damage Prevention Ordinace 9-18-16   TOS Addtl Flood Ord. Language 9-18-16

Flood Protection Ordinance as enumerated and to be considered for adoption. (Local Law #1 of 2016 )


6/16/16 FINAL LFA – Phoenicia – Mt. Tremper  –  APPENDIX

Local Flood Analy­sis Phoeni­cia and Mt Trem­per Town Board Pre­sen­ta­tion — Jan­u­ary 25, 2016 slide presentation

1/25/16 LFA Video of Meeting – Phoenicia & Mt. Tremper Findings & Recommendations by Milone & MacBroome Engineers

Local Flood Analysis

In 2014, SAFARI, act­ing on behalf of the Shan­daken Town Board, began the process of “Local Flood Analy­sis” focused on the ham­lets of Phoeni­cia and Mt. Tremper. The process con­sists of two steps: 1) an engi­neer­ing analy­sis of flood con­di­tions and iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of poten­tial flood mit­i­ga­tion projects artic­u­lated in a plan and 2) project design and imple­men­ta­tion.

The Town of Shan­daken tasked town engi­neer Milone & MacB­room, Inc. (MMI) with com­ple­tion of the Local Flood Analy­sis process.  The first step — an engi­neer­ing analy­sis and iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of flood mit­i­ga­tion projects, is near com­ple­tion for Phoeni­cia and Mt. Tremper.

Below are links to Local Flood Analy­sis pre­sen­ta­tions and reports pro­duced by MMI.


Eso­pus Creek and Stony Clove Creek Pub­lic Meet­ing — August 10, 2015

Mt. Trem­per:

Eso­pus Creek and Beaver Kill Pub­lic Meet­ing — August 17, 2015

Devel­oped by the Town of Shan­daken fol­low­ing major flood events in 2010, SAFARI works to improve resilience to flood­ing. Town of Shan­daken offi­cials led the SAFARI project through devel­op­ment of a Town of Shan­daken Flood Mit­i­ga­tion Plan adopted in July 2013. The AWSMP par­tic­i­pates in SAFARI and is pro­vid­ing finan­cial assis­tance. Agen­das and meet­ing min­utes for the SAFARI com­mit­tee are below.